Quality Policy.
Manufacturas Lusan considers its customers as the most important part of its organization.

Therefore, we are committed to fulfill the present and future expectations.

We will continually improve with the participation of everyone that makes up this enterprise.

News and events.

Commitment with Quality.
New manufacturing processes demand action flow from the begining to product delivery. Escentially, our Quality Plan shows the processes and identifies controls that should be taken in each one of the steps of product manufacture.
We own, a certified Quality system under ISO 9001 since 2001, and we are on track of re-certifying it under the new ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Our Mission.
At LUSAN Manufactures we identifiy ourselves by being providers of high precision industrial (maquinados), having as main activity to meet our customer's expectatives, asuring quality in their products.

Our company structure is focused on bringing security, growth and development to our colleagues, providers, and shareholders, sharing a culture of service, teamwork, and continuos improvement, generating an added value to our customers, and the constant search for being the best option in the market.

We always have in our spirit, and actions, the quality, profitability, austerity without being too superfluous.

Our Vision.
We are aiming to be consolidated as the best enterprise in the north-east region of our country, transforming our people's creativity and sharing personal values as:

  • Excellence
  • Perseverance
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Disposition
  • Compromise
  • Trust

    The behaviour of our people will result in a contribuition of wellbeing to our community.

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